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137290Released by: Atlantis [web], Fantastic 4 Cracking Group [web]
Release Date: 25 March 2015

Download: Break64 Preview + [A4].d64
Website: CSDb

137330Released by: New Dimension, RGCD [web]
Release Date: 28 March 2015

Download: TSU
Website: CSDb

Released by: TRIAD [web]
Release Date: 29 March 2015

Download: TRIAD_Sounds of the
Website: CSDb

137351Released by: Undone
Release Date: 28 March 2015

Cracked and released as a cartridge image at Gubbdata 2015.

- Titlescreen with fade in/out.
- From turning on C64 to playing the first day takes 4.5 seconds.
- Fits in 64kb cartridge.

Titlescreen compressed using LZWVL, game graphics compressed using Exomizer.

Website: CSDb

Commodore-65-2Paul Gardner-Stephen is working on an FPGA version of the Commodore 65. His goal is to make an 8-bit computer for the 21st century. In the last month he has been working on the problems with the use of DDR memory.


137270LogicDeLuxe combined Dolphin DOS and JiffyDOS to make a more user friendly combination of the two disk drive systems. You will now get all features of the Dolphin DOS kernal in combination with the JiffyDOS IEC bus speed routines.

Lemon64 Thread:
Website: CSDb

Tomasz Nowak is developing an RS232 interface for the Commodore 64. The device will be connected to the user-port and the theoretical maximum speed will be 230400 bit/s. The device already supports the XModem protocol and Tomasz is working on support for RS485.

YouTube: Tomasz Nowak

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potrace-logo-150Potrace is a utility for tracing a bitmap, which means, transforming a bitmap into a smooth, scalable image. The input is a bitmap and the output is an PostScript file. Changes in this version are: Improved the processing of very large bitmaps. Made a few general improvements and removed small errors. The program is available for Amiga OS4, Linux and Windows.


fwinuaeWinUAE 3100b14 has been released. WinUAE is without a doubt the best Amiga emulation available to date and if used alongside Classic Workbench and WHDLoad you can get a really great Amiga hard drive experience like in the picture above.

Release Notes:

Category: Link Amiga, News
bruce1Mid April 2014 development started to port Bruno’s Bruce Lee II to the Commodore 64. Almost a year later the game was finished. Even if the game originally looked like a Commodore 64 game it was very difficult to make it run on a real Commodore 64. The reasons are basically that the game contains a lot of features and also pushes the limits of the graphics hardware even if it looks simplistic. The conversion isn’t perfect and some small things differ from the original due to hardware and effort limitations.

Play the game with joystick in either port or use the WASD keys and SPACE on the keyboard. Pressing the STOP key pauses the game. Pressing STOP again resumes.

The game exists in two formats, a diskette version and an EasyFlash cartridge image. The diskette version requires a disk drive device of some sort and the cartridge image can be burned on an EasyFlash cartridge and played using the cartridge only. No disk drive is required in the cartridge version. bruce2The game has been made with compatibility in mind. It works on PAL or NTSC machines with no speed differences and should work nicely with a lot of add-ons, even some CPU accelerators, like the SuperCPU. The game features background loading on 1541, 1571, 1581, CMD FD drives and CMD HD. If the game can’t detect the drive type it will fall back to kernal loading between screens. It should basically work on anything that loads using the kernal, just not as smooth as with background loading supported drives. bruce3The original game has a couple of places where you need to perform pixel perfect jumps to get forward in the game. This can be frustrating so an easy game mode has been added. This adds a small amount of walkable blocks which removes the need for pixel perfect jumps. The easy game mode also makes one room with dangerous moving floor tiles easier and you have ten lives to begin with instead of five. I would recommend you to play the easy game mode unless you are prepared to grind and replay the game a lot.

The game exists in three different formats. 1) A 1541 diskette image suitable for a 5.25″ floppy diskette, 2) a 1581 diskette image suitable for a 3.5″ diskette and 3) an EasyFlash cartridge image.

Download: brucelee2.d64
Download: brucelee2.d81
Download: brucelee2.crt
Download: All in a zip


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