Category: Link C64, Link Scene
gtw64Todays updates over at Games that weren’t 64 are as follows: Source:

Category: Link C64
Category: Link C64
2_aminet_1Latest releases over at Aminet are as follows:

PPaintRUS.lha, jrm-dulu.lha, libaiff.lha, AB3Dedit_src.lha, AntiPC.lha,, CL_WB_Wallp_16.9.lha and InstallerGen.lha.

Download, more details and more files can be found over at

Category: Link Amiga
os4depotLatest releases over at OS4 Depot are as follows:

libaiff.lha, askmeup_demo.lha, l2cache.lha and smtube.lha.

Download, more details and more files can be found over at

Category: Link Amiga
aros_archivesLatest releases over at The Aros Archives are as follows: More details and more files can be found over at

Category: Link Amiga
WHDLoadUsing WHDLoad, you can install games, scene demos and intros from cracking groups on your harddisk that were not compatible with anything but floppy disks.

Changes of version 18.0:

  • fix:WHDLoad lock up happen when FullChip/S is used and exec.MaxLocMem is equal to BaseMemSize fixed
  • fix:ExpChip/S and FullChip/S cannot be enabled together, if both are set FullChip/S will be silently disabled (Psygore)
  • chg:option NoTrapHandler/S has been removed
  • fix:race condition fixed which sometimes caused a ‘Privilege Violation Exception’ when a Resload function was called from Usermode and got interrupted during the internal switch to Supervisor mode and then trace exception was used from the installed program, seen especially in installs using kick13 emu and performing a lot of disk io, fixes issue #2094 and connected ones
  • chg:the log file created by the FileLog/S facility has been renamed from .whdl_filelog to .whdl_log
  • new:function resload_Log which puts custom messages into the log file .whdl_log, uses the same file as the FileLog/S facility and requires that FileLog/S option is set so that messages will be written this function is intended to make it easier to debug/follow alien code by adding trace messages to dump the execution state at useful places
  • new:option LogBuffer/K/N to control the size of the internal buffer allocated for log messages by FileLog/S and resload_Log
  • new:function resload_VSNPrintF implementing a exec.RawDoFmt/ sprintflike string formatting routine
  • new:kickfs.s has new option SNOOPFS which will cause in conjunction with HDINIT all dos packets after processing to be logged using resload_Log, the supplied perl script can be used to search the log file for missing dos.UnLock and dos.Close calls
  • new:using the function resload_Control and the tags WHDLTAG_CUST_DISABLE/READ/WRITE/STROBE the allowed custom registers for Snoop*/S can be modified now
  • chg:ReSource support files updated to cover recent WHDLoad extensions
  • new:added XAD support to the installer template script
  • chg:external program SP to save pictures from dump files has been improved to better support AGA screens (ddf, fmode, bplcon)
  • chg:on the 68030 the instruction burst is now always enabled if the instruction cache is enabled (Psygore)
  • chg:the 68040 processor is now fully supported regarding the special mmu features (Snoop, resload_Protect), the implementation was planned since years, it was a lot of work becausethe handling is very different to the 68030 und 68060, although I’m unsure if this feature will be used much, I’m happy to have it completed now
  • chg:option ChkAudPt/S is also supported on the 68030 and 68040 now
  • chg:the interrupt redirect feature of ACA500/Zeus is not used when option NoVBRMove/S is set
  • chg:PreloadSize/N will also be set by WHDLoad if ws_DontCache is used in the Slave some more end user related improvements are planned for the next release :-)

Category: Link Amiga

The group Assassins released a new game for the Commodore Plus/4 (PAL). The game is a Bomberman clone with 24 screens split in 4 zones. The programming is from Skoro, the graphics are made by KiCHY and the SFX / music is composed by Csabo.

Download: xplode_man.prg

Category: Link Plus /4
real_amikit_betaReal AmiKit is a 16 colour version of AmiKit adapted to work with a real Amiga AGA computer. New in this version: Rainboot v3.2, MorpheuZ, Renegades Deluxe, Cooper-Demon, IconMaker, ScreenText, MUI 4, DOpus 5.91, boot voices, wallpapers and patterns. And many other improvements and updates.


Category: Link Amiga
Tank_BattalionBeamrider released a new game for the Commodore VIC20. The game is a port of the tank arcade game from Namco. In the game you must destroy all the other 20 tanks and protect the base. For this game you need a Commodore VIC20 (PAL), a 16 kByte memory expansion and a joystick.

Download: TB2014.prg

Category: Link Vic-20
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