ss_viewer2Steve J. Gray released a new version of CBMXfer. CBMXfer is a collection of utilities for transferring files and working with diskette images. The utilities are: OPENCBM, CBMLINK, C1541, NIBTOOLS and IMGCOPY. Changes in this version: Added DAD window, C64 USER MONO option, 8250/SFD-1001 single-sided mode, catalog file and dual view mode.

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2_aminet_1Latest releases over at Aminet are as follows:
  • Sayontsheck.lha
  • MCE.lha
  • MCE-MOS.lha
  • MCE-OS4.lha
  • BubbleHeroesUpdate.lha
  • Flog.lha
  • PyramiSol.lha
  • SoliTri.lha
  • amath.lha
  • WWorth_fincats.lha
  • Spreedy_1.0.lha
  • IconLib_46.4.lha
Download, more details and more files can be found over at
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os4depotLatest releases over at OS4 Depot are as follows:
  • openbor.lha
  • gemgem.lha
  • lgeneral-bin.lha
  • mce.lha
Download, more details and more files can be found over at
Category: Link Amiga
morphOSLatest releases over at MorphOS Files are as follows: More details and more files can be found over at
Category: Link Amiga
WHDLoadWHDLoad offers a way to play Amiga diskette games from your hard disk. The following installers have been added until 08-19-2014. Website:
Category: Link Amiga
Reset #04 is out now. Featuring reviews of Commando Arcade, Guns ‘N’ Ghosts, Bellringer III and the Protovision 4 Player Compilation. Frank Gasking presents his Where Are They Now feature trying to track down some Commodore 64 personalities who were well known after its commercial era. We also have an exclusive interview with Tomcat/Nostalgia about the making of Commando Arcade. Neil Grayson joins Reset with the first part of his History of Commodore Format series. All of the regular favourites return including Games That Weren’t, C64 Endings, Deep Thoughts, The Mighty Brain, a minty fresh Blow The Cartridge comic and much, much more.

Download: Reset04_August_2014.pdf
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aaron music volume 2_001As promised Aaron White delivers with his second chip tunes disk release!
Volume 2 contains ten more awesome chip tune remixes for you to enjoy and you can download the .adf disk image from Commodore is Awesome! Have fun :)

Download: Retro Asylum Music Disks
Category: Link Amiga
commodorefreeIssue 82 of ‘Commodore Free’, the magazine dedicated to Commodore computers is now available for download. The magazine is available in the following formats; PDF, ePUB, MOBI, HTML, TXT, SEQ and D64 disk image.

Category: Link Scene
aaron_musicAaron White, a good friend of ours from Twitter has kindly sent us over his first Amiga chiptunes disk which we uploaded to our Amiga demos section.
The adf contains ten chip tunes all by Aaron and a nice Retro Asylum graphics image is shown during play. The music disk will run within an emulator such as WinUAE or FS-UAE and also on a real Amiga. Speaking with Aaron on Twitter he told us that he plans to make a second release in the near future, so look forward to more Amiga chiptune goodness!

Download: Retro Asylum Music Disk
Category: Link Amiga
fs-uaeFrode Solheim’s FS-UAE for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and BSD is based on WinUAE and can be completely controlled with a joypad. Since the last stable version released in March (2.4.1), only versions which are still in development have been released.

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