minimag10Mini-Mag is a German diskette magazine. In this edition: Editorial, Forum, Doreco, Leo 2, Protector v1.7, Scumm!, Burger Time, Turbo Chameleon 64, Retrobright, Top 5 Games and Demos.


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Mr. Pacman is an 8-bit hero gangsta rock band from Denver, USA. Mr. Pacman performance with retro-futuristic outfits, and their Commodore 64 inspired electronic music with a rock attitude. Mr. Pacman uses a SidStation, controlled by his keytar, and Silver Ghost uses a Commodore SX-64 as a bass synthesizer.

Category: Link C64, Link Scene
134620In this English D64 magazine the following items: The Charts, News, World of Demos, Market, Last days of Comoland, X2014, The X-Factor, CHCC Medieval, Sceners in the Sun, Matt Gray, Anders Reutersworld, The Crime Scene, Donkey Kong Jr., Hardware corner, het C64GS project and the list.

Website: CSDb

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cpe2_1Matthias Münch’s “Clockport Expander II” is an adapter which can connect two clockport extensions to the clockport of an Amiga 1200. The second generation of the adapter is compatible with current busboards and other extensions, e.g. a BlizzardVision or a GRex-busboard.

On the website of the project (in German) there is a list with compatible hardware. If you are interested in the adapter then please contact Münch.


Category: Link Amiga
betterwbSimilar to AIAB, AmiKit or AmigaSYS, BetterWB is a collection of Workbench enhancements for AmigaOS 3.1, which are useful but rather simple and therefore require low hardware configuration.

Changes in version 3.9:
  • Disksalv and pfsdoctor are now integrated as salvage options
  • Addmem command allows you to configure non autoconfig friendly ram expansions
  • Icon.library has been updated to 46.4.399
  • Prism2v2 has been updated to 2.6
  • PrepCard+ has been updated to v0.2
  • SmartWin is no longer needed. CleverWIN replaces it, and doesnt require a workbench reset
  • TextEngine crashed under some RTG systems. It has been replaced by Redit
  • SwazInfo is suggested when switching to GlowIcons
  • Reduced memory footprint a bit more
  • A few more minor fixes and tweaks

Category: Link Amiga
fs-uaeFrode Solheim’s FS-UAE for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and BSD is based on WinUAE and can be completely controlled with a joypad. Since the last stable version released in March (2.4.1), so far only developer versions have been released.

Changes in FS-UAE 2.5.20dev:
  • Use qemu-uae for slirp support
  • Added support for softfloat library (not tested)
  • Enabled support for prowizard module ripper
  • New action “action_module_ripper” available for custom input mapping
  • A few other bugfixes

Category: Link Amiga
radioawesome4Friday 21st November 2014, 19:00 USRT:
GurtyGurt – Radio Awesome

- It’s Friday! and time for some more RADIO AWESOME! madness with your favourite Aussie DJ GurtyGurt. Expect your favourite Commodore Remixes as well as the usual crazy happenings!


Listen: SLAYRadio
Website: Commodore is Awesome, SLAYRadio

134561Latest releases over at CSDb are as follows:

Rocky Memphis Preview 2 [pal/ntsc], Rocky Memphis Preview 2 +1M, Vandalism News #63, Bitfire V0.2, No-Skip Mix (2014 Edition), HP-80 Calculator Emulator, HP-55 Calculator Emulator, HP-45 Calculator Emulator, HP-35 Calculator Emulator, Donkey Kong Junior +6HD [onefiled], Born of Universe, Macro Sleep, ORDOGLANYA 2, Revolution V V1.5, Paper Plane +1HFD 100% [pal/ntsc], HF Petscii Intro [pal/ntsc], Paper Plane &H [pal/ntsc], Dotted Disaster Intro, Fat of the Land, Vacuole, Technotitlan, Museum of Strange, Florescence, Paradise, Angels Amongst Us, Damn it Feels Good to Be a Hamster, Ms Chameleon, Coloris, Laxity Intro #61 (TranceTro), Reset #05, Role Preview 1%, Kung Fu, For Stirf, Paper Plane, Bruce Lee II Preview, Surprise Entry, Reset #05 Intro, Tekstro, Syntro, Paper Plane +21D [crazy hack], Schnitzelwelt, Paper Plane, Donkey Kong Junior +5HD [onefiled], Collision R-IRQ Kit incl. Demo Game “Tunnel Mission”, Shine ‘Unicorn’, My Scary Intro, FLOOO OO O O O D, Frodigi 4, Bomb Fusion +32D [crazy hack], Laberinto [spanish], Floored (uncut version), Skull Dreams 2, Donkey Kong Junior +3D [onefiled], A Celebration from Down Below, Psychopunks of Uproar!, One Year Coop, Gravitrix Preview +2, Metamorphosis, Ten Beers After, Gravitrix Preview, Donkey Kong Junior +3D [onefiled], Bubbles Intro, Donkey Kong Junior +D, Donkey Kong Junior +6D, Donkey Kong Junior, Bandana City +22D [crazy hack], Brella Onthemoon, Drunk Coding, Even When Sober [pal/ntsc], 3D Roam +2D, Skijump Intro, Penetrator Preview +, WdW Pictures, Roller Scroller 2, Mini-Mag #10 [german].

Source: CSDb

Category: Link C64, Link Scene
UGGA-FLYER-DEFINITIVO-SITOC64SD Princess 1st sd2iec with tap Player and Grabber for dump content of tapes to .TAP files


protovision-logoLatest Protovision News
  • Our latest web-discoveries concerning D42 and Leo 2
  • D42 – Adventure System for the Commodore 64/128 released!
  • Reset magazine issue #5 released
  • If anyone is doing Larry around here, then it’s him: Leisure Suit Leo 2 – Deluxe Edition!

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